Do you have what it takes to direct Alberta Gold chorus?                                                                    PRINT

Musical Director Qualifications  - we know you're right for us, because you have:

  • established vocal and choral musical knowledge, background and abilities
  • strong interpersonal skills and the ability to encourage respectful cooperation among chorus members
  • three years as a Chorus Director or five to seven years as a Chorus Assistant Director (consideration may be given to a candidate with extensive chorus experience)
  • demonstrated ability to take a leadership role in instructing and directing a chorus in rehearsals, performances, shows and competitions
  • willingness to achieve your director certification from Sweet Adelines International 
  • knowledge of a cappella (familiarity with the barbershop style would be a benefit)

Alberta Gold primarily functions on volunteer energies. However, in view of the qualifications expected and the extent of responsibilities, our Director is eligible for an annual Honorarium.

Director Responsibilities - you know you're right for us, because you're excited about the job and you will:

  • be responsible for the overall musical leadership of the chorus - working collaboratively with a music team
  • guide chorus development and support chorus goals designed to improve the musical product with a focus on vocal skills and audience connection
  • plan and conduct rehearsals and special rehearsals                           
  • diligently ensure performance standards are achieved
  • inspire and direct the chorus in rehearsals, performances, shows, and competitions        
  • work with the section leaders to orient new members musically   

But wait, there's more ....

In addition to your musical leadership, you will also:

  • work with chorus and music team to develop a long-term plan for activities and a calendar of performances, social occasions, competition or show preparations, coaching and education
  • collaborate with the music team to arrange for coaching and education, choose musical repertoire including competition songs, arrange for song purchase, plan for introduction and development of new repertoire
  • co-operatively work with the board of directors, music team and chorus committees to achieve performance goals and standards                      
  • attend Board meetings whenever possible, regularly informing the board about music team plans or rehearsal schedule priorities, coaches etc.               
  • consult with the board and music team to support development of chorus annual budget and ensure it is maintained
  • support committees and teams undertaking preparations and activities for chorus performances
  • attend and participate in our regular social functions and get to know chorus members
  • participate in Region 26 activities for directors and maintain a presence in the region
  • be well informed about Sweet Adelines and aware of the International organization's initiatives and events