Alberta Gold Chorus has a wonderful history. We've come a long way!

In 1982, Marjorie Hopkins' love of barbershop music prompted her to find a way to renew her connection to the art form, neglected but not forgotten. Although there was an existing chorus in Calgary, Marjorie decided to start a new one in north Calgary. She advertised for a director and the call was answered by Don Clarke, a barbershopper with patience, diplomacy and the desire to fulfill the motto of SPEBSQSA. With Marjorie's encouragement to friends and co-workers, a small group of women began meeting at a Public school in northeast Calgary. They were soon hooked on the barbershop sound. Alberta Gold Chorus was conceived.

In those beginning months, the excitement of a new hobby, the laughter, and the wonder of unaccompanied voices creating chords kept the ladies coming back for more. The ladies went door-to-door with flyers and the chorus grew.  The work continued and by 1984, the chorus had a consistent attendance of 20 members and chartering was in sight.

In May of 2019, we celebrated 35 years!  We're still going strong and thanks to social media, exposure from performances, word-of-mouth and our Global Open House events, we have new members every year.