See what a few chorus members have to say about being a part of Alberta Gold:

"When I walked through the door of the Alberta Gold chorus open house in September 2015 I had no idea what was in store for me. Going to my first Sweet Adeline's competition in Surrey (April 2017) was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I loved every minute of it . Although I know I still have tons to learn and maybe it will take the rest of my lifetime, I am certain I have found my place and owe it to all members and friends of Alberta Gold, the chorus forever in my heart."
Patricia M, Baritone

"When I first came to a rehearsal it was to get one of the chorus members to quit bugging me.  She has long since resigned but I have been a member for over a quarter of a century.  Nowhere else can one be so musically educated, learn how to perform in public, and find wonderful fellowship. For me, it is a very healthy addiction.  I just love it."
Helen B, Bass

"I came to Alberta Gold chorus for the free vocal lessons; got hooked on the harmony!  It's been many years now, and my life still is enriched because of the singing, performing and sharing with this special group of women.  Thank you Alberta Gold.  You rock!"
Judy D, Lead

“It’s the friendships that have kept me returning to Alberta Gold.  Too much to walk away from something like this.  Alberta Gold is Love, Kindness, & Generosity.  Love you all.”
Judy M, Baritone 

“I joined Alberta Gold in October, 1985. The chorus has given me many opportunities to learn, grow, and develop musically through workshops, performances, as well as our weekly rehearsals. During any performance, when you see the smile on people’s faces, you know they are enjoying our art form and that makes you feel you have done something “right & good”! I have served on almost every committee in Alberta Gold throughout the years and that offered me many new and varied learning experiences. It was the music that drew me to Alberta Gold, but it IS the PEOPLE that make me stay. I am so proud to be a member of this wonderful group.”
Lynn P, Lead 

“Alberta Gold Chorus has taught me how to sing, sing, and sing some more and have fun in the process. The chorus has given me opportunities to achieve goals I never thought possible. As well, as a member of Sweet Adelines, I have developed friendships throughout the world including back home in the UK. Alberta Gold…The Little Chorus with Heart”
Elva H, Lead

“I really enjoy the music but also every member is a very dear friend. I enjoy the fun we have at Alberta Gold whether it is at rehearsal or at a sing-out.”
Muriel P, Lead

“Alberta Gold has enriched my life in many ways. From the thrill of ringing chords and the challenge of developing new skills, to the gratitude for friendships gained through sharing our special harmony, I have been blessed!”
Kathy T, Tenor